The population of the Seagull

Gulls feed on mollusks and small fish, fish close to shore, but also eat all kinds of garbage. When no food habits change and as animal attack puts them ahead. Every day increases the population of gulls and when food is scarce attack whales and even humans.

The population of the Seagull

Its habitat is the coast or large rivers, where there is a storm you can see them inland. The killer seagulls call, when there is food in the south of Argentina, began to peck at the back of the whales to feed on the parasites of your skin and the fat, the most targeted are the whales are breeding.

The population of the Seagull

No follow up the attacks and their consequences all that is known is that they are altered in their behavior. When the whales come ashore to mate is when they are attacked.

Biologists and scientists are studying the phenomenon and have appeared many young dead with wounds in the back, and it is unclear whether or not the consequences of murderous seagulls.

In 1974, he was 1% of whales injured by seagulls, and in 2008 were 77%, when they appear dead whales with injuries to the spine is seen to have developed a local inflammation, it is not known if the cause the death of the whale. Gulls prefer adult mussels, but young women to avoid competition start biting the backs of whales and then get used.

In London, nobody has asked for feed, because every day more frequent attacks on pedestrians and scientists are studying it is believed that the gulls can carry bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

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