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Gopher tortoise with two heads

The gopher tortoise is a very popular pet, but often it is not clear what care they need. They like a lot to be outdoors, walking and the sun, but also need shade and a place that can be protected inside the house to rest.

Gopher tortoise with two heads

Animals are always surprises and present many interesting facts in the courtyard of a house in Manisa found a small turtle from a month old, which has 2 heads and 4 legs, but everything is under one shell.

Then the little turtle was taken to the Natural Park of Izmir in Turkey. As one can imagine the Siamese turtle, aroused the curiosity of all and the park have seen increasing visitors. Many years ago that is not copies with these features, in that place.

Gopher tortoise with two heads

Although it has been said that there are several families who have found turtles with two heads and keep them as pets, living well.

A family in New York, has a two-headed turtle from the year 2002, are said to live a short time, but if they are adequately addressed can live longer.

They were told that each head has movement and managed independently, although the head seems to be right dominant.
In South Africa also has a pet family. Baar expert Ernest Cape Nature Conservation, said it is possible to find such animals, which they can be difficult it is to raise and reach adulthood.