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How to keep and maintain Cats and dogs

How to keep and maintain Cats and dogsOur cats and dogs as we are formed by a large number of cells, these are constantly dividing, this process is called mitosis. To move to the cell division cycle must go through certain checks, the diseased cells are not allowed entry, and because of this, our body stays healthy.

However, there are often changes in checkpoints and blocked cells continue their cycle. This defect in the formation of tumors.

300×262 dog’s cancer in pets

the tumors can be both benign and malignant lesions. In the first case, total tumor removal can cure the animal; it usually does not grow back. Malignant neoplasm’s, also known as cancer, are those that have the ability to penetrate different parts of our body and affect the normal function of our body … …

Often surgery is not enough to fight this evil and complementary methods should be used to finish overcome, such as:

• Chemotherapy (using drugs that interfere with cell proliferation).

• Radiation therapy (therapy that uses radiation to alter the cell cycle and cell killing).

• Immunotherapy (agents that stimulate the immune system to attack malignant cells).

• Hormone therapy (using hormones or inhibitors of them to fight certain tumors).