Disease in general in the Canaries

When our canary is healthy, we can enjoy his singing as much as the vitality and joy of the animal. However, if you develop an illness, will become silent, apathetic and lose your appetite.

Disease in general in the CanariesThere are some diseases that occur more commonly in these animals, diseases that we present below so you can identify your symptoms so you can help your pet to have a better quality of life and recover faster.


They usually appear especially in summer and the cause is often a lack of hygiene in the animal’s cage. If the canary has contracted lice, you see scratching, especially in the neck, under the wings and around the vent.

If we see that he is scratching, we catch the animal and gently blow. Thus, we can see both the lice and their eggs.

In these cases, the vet prepared us prescribe anti-mite, which we sprinkle both feathers and in the animal’s cage, after talking done a thorough cleaning of the same. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Care for Your Dog When You Can No Longer Live With Him

How to care for your dog when you can no longer live with himThe reasons for excluding a dog in your home are diverse health problems owners or animals, querulous neighbors by pets, moving house, divorce or because the animals were a gift that is not wanted, although in Mexico the main reason is the lack of resources to maintain it.

“Those looking to get rid of their dogs is because that is not what they thought life would be with them. Comes a time when they can no longer keep them or do not fit in the house,” according to the director of the animal protection organization Health and Environmental Law Call Claudia Lindsey.

Some people seek their dogs away because they have no patience to care for them, clean them, educate them or take them out for walks. “At first shoe bitten are getting rid of the dog,” says psychologist Claudia Flame.

Having a terminal illness is also an important factor that the dogs are in the street. “Women are dying of cancer and gets rid of the family pet that belonged to the sick or known inherited”.

But the main factor in Mexico is the lack of funds to keep the animal and provide necessary medical services. “The meat and cereals, ie the basis of the development of the croquettes are more expensive. The price of a kilo of hash is increasing, but not the salaries of the owners,” says Call.

Where do I send my dog?

The first step in recognizing that it is no longer willing or able to have a dog is to contact an animal welfare organization nonprofit to seek a home he says Martha Medrano, director of the Association for Animal Rights and Protection AC Environmental (APRODA).

In these places the first thing is to recommend to the owners of the dog sterilization, apply a rabies vaccine, a general clinical check croquettes leave in place while a new home is found. “If people do not have financial resources for medical care, humane house covers the costs, as we do in APRODA” said Medrano.

The protective housing, with support from the media and social networks, we seek a family according to the personality of the animal. “We look for a house that is appropriate, because if a dog has lived with children, play ball and walk not as easy to adapt to adult life,” recounts Medrano.

The small animals adjust more quickly in their new homes, but the big take longer. On average ranging from three months to one year in a dog suit, says the directive.

We must ask if the shelter has legal registration, to avoid falling into protective homes only profit from the animals, indicating Amezcua Mario Lopez, who runs the small animal veterinary clinic of the University Center for Biological and Agricultural Sciences (CUCBA).

“They must be registered with the municipal or state law and the vast majority of those homes protective serious work in coordination with rabies centers, veterinary medical colleges or universities,” says science teacher.

Call Claudia says that unfortunately the animals crowded shelters to generate pity on people and make donations.

Shelters serious work with transparency, ie, keep records of dogs and the new families that will house the animals. “When the dog finds a family, the former owner can know the address and return to see his animal.”

Owners responsible

Owners should be basic questions before leaving their animals, says Abigail Carrillo, a veterinarian who works in California, in the Lake Elsinore Animal Hospital.

Among them: Why do you want to get rid of your pet? If the answer is because he has a bad temper, the owner could seek help from a specialist to improve the attitude of your animal. If it’s because you can not afford to keep it, we should ask if there are free medical services near your neighborhood, as they do some universities. If no solution should be found to a humane house, says the specialist.

To give a dog for adoption must be honest, says psychologist Claudia Flame, Director of Health and Environmental Law is recommended that a list of dog attitudes. “If urine inside the house, if he bites the furniture or shoes, so that the new owner takes no surprises and then leave it in the street.”

We must find a new home with at least two or three months in advance, says Claudia Flame, but ensures that adoption is not a panacea.

“Thousands of animals are put up for adoption each year, but does not mean that they will have a good life, because we have seen that abuse them, leave it in the street, stopping at markets, dog fighting or breeding.”

In an extreme case euthanasia is better, especially if you will be helpless and medical needs, says Claudia Flame.

Before adopting an animal is important to consider the size, the cost of food and medical services, the health of the dog and the owner, the home space, the time devoted to your pet and make a consensus that whole family agrees with the arrival of the animal, notes psychologist LLama Lindsey.

“Bringing a dog into a home without these considerations brings a public health problem,” Mario Lopez tells Amezcua, Master of Science from the University of Guadalajara (University of Guadalajara).

The owners, by not making an assessment of what it takes possession of a pet, take to the streets and conducive to increase the dog population. “In the campaign we UdeG rabies, and on average we know that there are four dogs owner for every 10 inhabitants. But there is a floating population that is playing indiscriminately, because twice a year dogs are from 6-8 puppies, “says Lopez Amezcua.

Owning a dog entails responsibilities, Claudia recalls. “It is cultural in Mexican families has a pet dog, the problem begins when people do not analyze the costs of maintenance or home space.”

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A very loving dog

A very loving dogLaika is the new star of “We want to know your pet!”, A contest that started last week with a very friendly parrot.

It is a 7 year old bitch who lives in Palma de Mallorca. She is very affectionate and can not be separated from one of his mistresses. Their dependence is total, is like his mother.

How is that person everywhere has never been necessary to put strap desperdigue not every time he goes to the street. That certainly is an advantage for her and for their owners.

Home shares space with another dog and a cat. Who do you think gets along better? Incredibly with the cat. And they say that dogs and cats are being killed …

I like tomatoes

He is very intelligent (as you can see she falls asleep reading books) and obey their owners if they ask something. When I eat always prepared, although occasionally gives to eat tomatoes. It’s strange, but she loves.

Parrot from Argentina

The parrot Argentina belongs to the family of parrots, and its scientific name is the Monachus Myiopsitta. Can measure up to 30 cm and weighs about 150 grams. Its natural range is in Argentina, southern Brazil and Bolivia Central. There are currently very stable groups in Spain, mainly in the Andalusian coast and in Barcelona. Also you have been colonies in northern Netherlands and the USA.

Parrot from ArgentinaIn the next post we’ll talk about the parrot Argentina, or as its scientific name Monachus Myiopsitta says, a bird that lives in Brazil and Bolivia Central.

The Parrot Argentina

A mysterious and adaptable birds, large and easy to tame talkative. However, these can become very destructive and noisy. The first species to arrive in Spain they did in the late 60s, as they were sold exotic birds and then released by their irresponsible owners, as it did much “fuss”.

Lacking any predator here enjoy a high rate of reproduction, so that they could become a pest as they can double in number in five years. Very sociable with other species and are easily installed, finding a way to survive.

Bringing Up the Parrot Argentina

Life expectancy is between 25 and 30 years. Its plumage is blue-green, white and yellow. Covering the whole body, differentiating young to have breast and gray eyes. You or you can feed your bird with vegetables, corn, dried meat and feed specially formulated for proper nutrition.

You can host your new pet in a cage or aviary. The Parrot Argentina has a very strong and destructive peak, so that accommodation and feeding must be made of highly resistant materials and heavy so you will not break and can also prevent use as toys. He sold many fixtures to put in his cage and prevent this from getting bored. Read the rest of this entry »

Cancer in dogs

If cancer is a terrible disease in humans, for dogs is no less, not to say the suffering of the owner to see how your pet suffers. The big question: What causes cancer in dogs? A very important factor is age certainly, is that as the dog gets older, your chances of getting the disease increase greatly. Another reason is that there has been adequately sterilized pet.

Cancer in dogsAs in people in dogs are also given different types of cancer, the most frequent osteosarcoma, which is bone cancer, common in large size dogs, skin cancer, also common in older dogs, noting that there are breeds more prone to contracting, as boxers, mastiffs or terriers, testicular cancer, breast, uterine and ovarian cancer, lymphosarcoma, which is cancer of the lymphatic system and is the primary defense against diseases and leukemia, bone marrow cancer.

Treating cancer in dogs depends on the veterinarian’s diagnosis, which will determine what type of cancer it is and Dende. This will send complete blood analysis and urine, biopsy, cytology and radiographs. Depending on the results indicate the treatment, which can be as wide as drugs, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, cryosurgery-to-small tumors, and photodynamic therapy-inject dye into cancer cells.

To easily prevent some types of cancer, testicular, breast, in dogs it is best to sterilize early, avoid prolonged sun exposure, and something as mundane as the dog should be palpated both brushing or massaging.

Red Canary Care

The Red Canary is one of the most popular breeds canaries. As you will see, are named after their colorful plumage. They are characterized by active, robust and easy to maintain. It was first bred in 1930. It is the only canary has red elements as part of its plumage. Born of mixed other finch and canary yellow. The scientific name is red canary Serinus canaria domesticus.

Red Canary CareOften reach 14 cm. long. Proper care of red canaries includes open spaces, so they provide a roomy cage and wide. They must have some “hanger” that hung as loves that position. The cage should be placed high so that the canary can look different parts.

This type of canary, mainly eat birdseed. The intensity of the red color on your food. The berries, beets, pumpkins, cherries, potatoes and tomatoes contain carotenoids that enhance the color of this kind of canaries. A red or orange can also be increased in many races by just adding cayenne pepper and paprika to the diet of canaries.

In general, the red canary likes swimming so it will be essential to include a bath in his cage. Remember that your basic maintenance will also focus on keep the cage clean and trim the nails if necessary. Most canaries breed easily. The breeding season of red canaries usually between December and April.

The cells in the brains of birds

In mammals, the brain, the neocortex has, which is the outermost layer of brain tissue, and is thought to be the structure that higher-order thinking processes – which is the part that makes us so intelligent mammals. Brains of birds have a neocortex, but they have a structure called the dorsal ventricular ridge (DVR).

The cells in the brains of birdsBoth the DVR and the neocortex begin their growth from the same place in the early stages of embryonic development. Scientists like Harvey Karten are investigated neural inputs salidas.Ya the DVR and in the 1960s, and the hypothesis that the DVR can function similarly to the neocortex, but we must not look at all like it in their mature forms .

Clifton Ragsdale, Jennifer Dugas-Ford, and Joanna Rowell U. of Chicago studied the chicken and zebra finches to find evidence that the DVR has much in common with the neocortex. They were able to use molecular markers to identify cell types in the DVR, and found that the cells in a bird brain match two layers, the input and output neurons of the neocortex.

Scientists have new avenues to investigate the cure for paralysis related nerve damage, blindness, or other conditions. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of the various structures can also help scientists understand how the brain performs processing that supports impressive language, consciousness and intelligence.

Animals with a tongue attached

In this post, I’ll talk about the toads and their characteristics, whether external or internal. An animal disgusting to some, but for others they are fascinating.

Animals with a tongue attachedThey have bright eyes that are similar to the cross pupil gems and fingers are webbed. They are a bit awkward that frogs can not jump as far as them. The toads are animals with the tongue attached to the front of the mouth. By throwing her forward and its end, which is sticky, trapping the prey and takes her back to his mouth. Some frogs have teeth, but given that amphibians can not chew, just use them to hold their prey. His tongue produces mucus that helps them swallow their victims. Its flash anurans swallowing, moving his eye back, what drives the weight to the inside of the mouth.

When the cold months arrive, burying hibernate in their burrows. In spring they mate and the females lay many eggs in ponds as gelatinous strings of up to 1.2 m in length. Tadpoles are smaller and darker than those of frogs and toads do not become land until the following autumn.

A toad genus includes more than 70 different species number are widely distributed in the world’s major landmasses except Groenlandoa, Australia, New Guinea and New Zealand, but are most abundant in the tropics. In our country is the common toad, brown with numerous warts and mainly terrestrial habits. And the green, Balearic common.

Animal species in the night to find food

As the presence of plants in the desert is often unexplained by the total lack of water, some species of animals that have adapted to darkness and the wild. Such behavior of animals causes them to be regarded as nocturnal animals. It also happens to plants that open at night and close during the day.

Animal species in the night to find foodAgainst diurnal animals that sleep at night, the rest of the night is caused by the day. With the dark come out to find food. However, contrary to common belief that all nocturnal animals see well in the dark, many of them have poor vision. No doubt some of the animals such as owls and lemurs have special eyes.

However, there are others that are based on smell, touch, sound and other senses to survive in the dark. Owls, with his peculiar vision of night predators can hunt very small, even in complete darkness. The bats hunt their prey with the help of the echo sounder or echolocation. Sound waves are generated which, after hitting an object, return as echoes.

From these echoes, bats have the ability to determine the size, shape and distance of the dam. Mink uses his nose to find prey and communicate with each other. In the desert, the nocturnal animals allows greater conservation of water in the body, avoiding the heat of the day.